The Song Remains the Same


The more things change, the more they stay the same.  I bought a few days ago Led Zeppelin Four and Houses of the Holy.  I was expecting at least a new unreleased song or two.  What I found was yet another money grab by Jimmy Page and company.  I love Led Zeppelin but unlike other bands they are stingy when releasing new songs from the vaults. I guess the Coda album was the only new material they ever planned to release. Coda is a collection of unused tracks from various sessions during Led Zeppelin’s twelve-year career.

Maybe they are not really releasing new stuff because it might stink the joint.  Not even  liner notes, just a bunch of photos. Anyway the best way to sum the two album releases would be to take a page from Jimmy.  The song remains the same!

The point about the music and the album covers was to be something that would be thought-provoking, hopefully on an intellectual or an emotional level. Whatever Mick Wall’s written about the hermit [from the Led Zeppelin IV cover] is probably so off. It doesn’t matter. The cover was supposed to be something that was for other people to savor rather than for me to actually spell everything out, which would make the whole thing rather disappointing on that level of your own personal adventure into the music. -Jimmy Page

I Have Been a Bad Monkey

KitchenAid Professional 6000 Lift Stand Mixer

I was at a local ethnic grocery store. (sorry no plug) There was a youngish girl who was selling gourmet flavored popcorn.  Sure there are many companies out there who do the same.  I love small businesses with unique names. The brand name was Bad Monkey Popcorn. Nothing really outstanding, but I got a second glance.  I bought myself some “bad girl mix” popcorn for my daughter.  I liked the simplicity of it all. The bag, the labels and the artwork.  They are busting their chops, this husband and wife combo from what I was told.

Doing my weekend shopping with the wife and college open house hopping, the brain begins to wonder about starting yet another line of home business.  I love the cookie business. Yes there are plenty of cookie manufacturers out there.  Do we need another cookie maker? The answer to that question is.  Yes! We need a cookie business as much as we need another popcorn maker.

I am shopping for a KitchenAid mixer to blend some cookies at night.  This should keep me out of trouble for the winter.  I got my eye on the KitchenAid Professional 6000 Lift Stand Mixer. According to people on the net, this little baby should purr like a cat and spit out cookies to my delight.  I plan to make monster and robot themed cookies with manga twist flavors. I know it sounds bizarre. This is what happens when you shop with your wife on weekends.  Your mind wanders to places incognito.

The wife says the only reason I wandered to the popcorn stand was because the girl was cute.  I beg to differ. They make good popcorn. I loved the Nacho Cheese and Double Caramel combo.

Well I am off Sunday to get a mixer at Costco and bring my daughter to yet another college open house.  I love the color of the leaves this time of the year. I do not like the coldness associated with it.  I am curling my toes as I type this entry. Brrrr!  Time to turn up the heat you Ebenezer.

Well, I’m a consumer as well. I go to the movies with my popcorn and believe everything I see. -Kelly Lynch


different mama cass

When I was smaller and people were taller
I realized that I was different
I had a power that set me apart
I learned to take it and used it to make it
It’s not so bad to be different
To do your own thing and do it with heart

Different is hard
Different is lonely
Different is trouble for you only
Different is heartache
Different is pain
But I’d rather be different than be the same

At first I wondered what hex I was under
What did I do to be so different
Then I discovered some others like me
Wonder no longer

Together we’re stronger
It’s not so bad to be different
Be true to yourself
That’s what you must be

Different is hard
Different is lonely
Different is trouble for you only
Different is heartache
Different is pain
But I’d rather be different than be the same

Different is hard
Different is lonely
Different is trouble for you only
Different is heartache
Different is pain
But I’d rather be different than be the same

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Taking Stock


I can proudly say I was on Facebook when MySpace was king.  I can also say I am proud that I am not on Facebook for over 2 years.  I could shoot myself for not buying Facebook stock when it dipped at 18.00 a share. Sure it quadrupled in value. I took stock by getting off Facebook.  I felt I was a sheep hurdled into a social media of ad clickers.  On the right side were those dating sites hoping to be clicked on. Facebook is just a money making machine of ads and cheap addictive games that make you feel better that you bested your imaginary friends in your inner world of fantasy.

Twitter bores me. Facebook is time exhausting. I want to be the ruler of my domain. Facebook is free? Perhaps it is when you work for free and make Facebook shareholders richer.

Bottom line Facebook wants you to click more ads to make shareholders happy. So if you want to buy Facebook stock, just take stock in your own life and invest your time wisely. The dividends will multiply for you and your real friends.

One of the funny things about the stock market is that every time one person buys, another sells, and both think they are astute. -William Feather

I Got A Rock!

the great pumpkin

The past month, it seems I got a rock in my life.  Life sometimes is like the Charlie Brown’s Halloween cartoon.  Seems everybody got the candy and I got a rock in my bag these past few days.

This is the second year we do not give out candy to kids at home. This year I turned out the lights and retreated to my man-cave to watch Netflix.

I had illusions of grandeur for a few years of where I was headed.  That came to a screeching halt due to circumstances beyond my control.  Sometimes when you are the passenger of a car that is will eventually crash head on, you try to embrace for the impact.  It thought it might not happen. You forget about it and it hits you when you least expect it. I got blindsided by a few individuals these past days. I went along for the ride and hit a proverbial wall.

The inner child in me believed in the Great Pumpkin. Bad mistake.  I had to rewind quickly and readjust my life.  I find myself in the lion’s den of hypocrites.  Circling me to try to take a piece of my flesh.  I stare at them in the eyes and fight yet another day.  I never wanted to be the king of the hill in anything in life.  Second best was fine with me.  Stress is not a thing I really like, but it seems I have way too much lately.

I know I am speaking in riddles.  For those who know me, it irritates them because they know the truth. So let them sort out the candy in their little bags, perhaps they will discover soon that their candy are rocks also.  I would rather buy my own candy than suck up to strangers to give me candy.

My daughter and I are making our annual trip to the pharmacy to buy our Halloween candy at half price. Halloween is so much better at half price the day after.

Each year, the Great Pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch that he thinks is the most sincere. He’s gotta pick this one. He’s got to. I don’t see how a pumpkin patch can be more sincere than this one. You can look around and there’s not a sign of hypocrisy. Nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see.

Cakeman and the Age of Superheroes


Superheroes have been around for over 75 years. I have been on this world for almost 50 of those years. The child in me still lives. Adulthood tries to beat him down and stuff him in a box for eternity.  This weekend I will be attending the 2014 edition of the Montreal Comiccon. The San Diego Comic-Con has spawned several cons throughout North America and the world.  For those of us who are grounded to certain areas on this globe will be flocking for three days to Montreal’s version of Comic-Con. Here in Montreal we do things a tad bit different.  This is perhaps the last week of summer as the smell of pumpkin scents will grace Autumn airs very soon. It is our last chance of getting crazy before we cover ourselves with heavy coats to shelter our bodies from the cold and snow.

I created a little character called Cakeman.  My alter ego will attending the Montreal Comiccon this Saturday. Here I am half my life expectancy getting dressed in a super-hero costume. I can honestly tell you, I will either make a fool of myself or put a few smiles of what is expected to be over 40,000 people congregating  and celebrating their love for comics.  I still love comics. Being an artist, I love artists of all ilks and comic artists have always captured my imagination. This weekend my real world will clash with my fantasy world for three days and will hopefully make the world a better place. See you at the show.

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children. ” ― Jim Henson

Age Discrimination at Firefox


I have been with Firefox since the beginning. Today they made me feel like I was in a Logan’s Run movie. Seems anybody over 24 does not count anymore. When you sign up for the new sync Firefox account, anybody over 24 has to enter 1990 and earlier. There is no other option for anybody over 24.  They do not count.  Is Firefox suffering from age discrimination?  Are they on a budget that they could not include another 75 years from the 20th century?  I love what you did with the new look. More spacious and easier to navigate. Faster? I don’t know I am lumped with all the old people, I will get back to you on that one. I think my eyesight is giving out.  My weak bones make my two finger typing hurt my joints. Ouch!

25 Years of the Internet


The Internet is 25 years old. That is almost half my age. I was there since the beginning. Have I gained from the Internet? I think I am poorer for it in the long run. Why not just give it up? Seems it is an easy way out. It has replaced most of 20th century communication outlets. If you want your information you have to go on the Internet. If not you are out of the loop. It has changed how we digest information. You can easily become famous overnight and become yesterday’s news within minutes. 15 minutes of fame is too long on the net. It is also overcrowded with mute voices that will never be heard. The Internet inflates our egos but at the same time makes you feel bad about ourselves. The Internet is a tool like any other tool we use, the end result is what we do with it at the end of the day. Good or bad? It all depends on the user. I would like to think we use it for good but like everything in our lives there are a select few who want to ruin it all for the others.

“Everyone is on the internet but they’re not all talking with each other. There are groups upon groups out there, but they don’t talk to one another. So while the internet brings everyone into a shared space, it does not necessarily bring them together.” -David Lynch

I Still Hate Kale


Since when has kale become cool? I hate this vegetable with a passion. My mother’s favorite soup was kale soup. I know not everybody’s mom made this dish. If you are of Portuguese origin you will know this soup. When times were tough you would make food was made out of what was available. Guess kale was in abundance back then. Seems as of late I keep hearing about kale and how healthy it is. Everything that is healthy for you tastes like crap. Guess mothers always know better. I grow nostalgic for kale because my mom is no longer living. I do not grow fond for the taste of it. The worst combination for vegetable for me would be arugula and kale. Arugula is a another leafy green that is quite popular with the masses. Both are green and have an undesirable taste. Arugula is like the unwanted friend in the salad mix. Just reading it on the ingredient list of some over priced pre-washed plastic container of salad mix turns me off. Have we become so lazy that we cannot wash our own vegetables. Arugula is the “Emperor’s New Clothes” of food as John Pinette jokes in his comedic routine. Kale is very common in Europe, it grows like crazy. It was used as a main food when England was attacked by Germany during World War Two. England owes a dept to kale.

Did you know that kale might become the new state vegetable of Vermont.

“Every leaf of kale your chew adds another stem to your tree of life.” Ancient Turkish Saying

The Balking Dead

white zombie

Zombies do not interest me.  From Bela Lugosi’s White Zombie to the slew of movies that encompass the walking dead phenomena. The idea of soulless decaying creatures that feed on brains is too much to suspend my disbelieve. Scientifically they are impossible to exist.  If it is a metaphor for lost souls then I can buy it. But feeding on brains is a bit too much. I do not think they would be able to chew on Gerber baby food if they would try. It is always the case where a sluggish zombie is able to catch up with a fast human.  The zombie always finds a way to capture his victims.  I refuse to watch The Walking Dead! It is a soap opera for geeks. Some could say Stefano DiMera might be a zombie too. How many times has this guy resurrected from the dead? It is all mindless entertainment, but I cannot get past the idea of the zombie.  My Haitian friends will dispute me, I refuse to budge.

I think the existence of zombies would contradict certain laws of nature in our world. It seems to be a law of nature, in our world, that when you get a brain of a certain character you get consciousness going along with it.-David Chalmers